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Pony Rider

Pony Rider

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Update: Now made of wood! Not biodegradable PLA. 

No more lost hair ties! Save your hair ties while you save the environment!

It is estimated that over 15 million hair ties are lost every day in the US alone. That equates to almost 25 thousand pounds of plastic waste every day from the simple action of misplacement. To put it in perspective, that's the weight of the classic yellow International school busses you see daily!

With this simple keychain, you can make a MASSIVE difference in the environment and the ability to fix up your hair on the fly.

Made up of 100% recyclable and compostable materials that will compost up to 95% in just 45 days!


  • Four eco-friendly, plastic free, hair bands

  • Ring & Clasp for securing to your keys, purse, etc...


Compostable PLA
Decomposes 95% in just 45 days!
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75mm x 24mm x 4mm*

*not including keychain

Care information

Done with me? Don't throw me in the trash! Give me to a friend or recycle me. I'm compostable!

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Pony Rider

Never lose a hair tie again with this one simple product.

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